Friday, July 18, 2008

Land Nav

The MCMAP package is done and now we are starting the Land Navigation package. MCMAP was pretty easy since I'm already a Brown Belt MAI (Martial Arts Instructor). Everyone got their Tan Belts so congrats to them. I'll be coming in on some Saturday's to help get everyone some extra hours. I'm going to start with the two Grey Belts who only need about 6 more hours for their Green Belts. Then I'll be working the Tan Belts up who only need about 14 hours for their Grey Belts. Sounds like fun right?

Land Nav has always been a pain in my butt and I'm not looking forward to these days! I'll be fine though and make it through like I always do. We also have the Endurance Course Initial next Wednesday. I haven't ran in a while and will probably pay the price for it.

The in-laws are coming this weekend as well. It is a regular weekend and there isn't much going on. I'm not sure what they want to do but it better involve going to watch the new Batman movie! :) They are actually releasing it in IMAX as well. Do I dare?

Take care all and God bless.

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